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Ok, Foolscap report.
I went with kehrli, whose first Foolscap this was. (It's my third). We stayed with the gracious awritersweekend and bsdotrand and their enormous dog, their enormous cat, their slightly less enormous cat, and their sad goldfish which seems to have too much air in it.

This was the time of acquiring books. They've got the Magic Book Table, where you can give and take free books, and this was a dangerous thing. I don't know how many books we got, but by the end of the weekend, between the freebies and the dealers' room, the back seat was full of books. I don't even want to think about how much we spent. Keffy bought a copy of every Talebones Patrick had and probably went a long way towards making this Fairwood Press' best Foolscap ever.

The first night we ended up staying up playing games Dave Howell had brought back from Worldcon/Japan. The engrish instructions were magnificent, especially in Call of Chthulu. ("Do not get points or mind will be havoced." something like that)

This same night, we had our car rummaged through, thankfully by illiterate, stupid thieves with a penchant for coats with thumb holes in the sleeves.

Saturday I found myself in the sitting area beside a cute redhead, and across from Charles Vess. Some guy was having our artist GoH sign a crapload of books. The girl next to me said, "Wow! Your bag's like Mary Poppins'. Stuff just keeps coming out!"
I don't think the guy was actually part of the con, but we ended up at lunch with him. Hey, it's a con, you hang out with the people around you. He turned out to be kind of an asshole, so if you saw us with him at the Azteca, WE DONT KNOW HIM!

But the Guests of Honor - Charles Vess and Charles de Lint, were awesome. De Lint is a scrawny hippie-looking guy who, if I saw him on Railroad Ave., I'd probably cross the street. They both had a lot of great stuff to say. Thanks to de Lint, I remembered that I need to keep the sense of wonder in my work. I think one of everyone's favorite things in The Blood Rose Devouring was the 3-sided business card, which serves no plot purpose and is never explained. It's just there.
Interview with Charles de Lint by the resident librarian

Keffy had Jay lake sign her copy of Mainspring. She handed him her pen, and instantly he became confused. He tried to click it open, but it's not that sort of pen. "It's a cap pen," she said. So he immediately tries to pull off the end of the pen. This is a magical an mysterious pen, you see, which looks like it should be something else. Everyone gets confused. We brought the pen to the Vess/DeLint signing, to see if Charles De Lint is smarter than Jay Lake, but alas, De Lint had his own pen, so we'll never know.

I don't really care about autographed books, but an autographed print did interest me, so I went to buy one of Vess' prints. It was already signed, and this was strangely disappointing. :(

Also on Saturday was the Typography panel, which rocked because I got to temporarily merge my two worlds.

In the evening, right before Keffy and I had to worry about what to do for dinner, Paul Carpentier pointed us to jackwilliambell, who was organizing an outing. (Go to his journal to see pics he was taking obsessively with his iPhone. You can sort of see me and Keffy in one. )Because of this, I missed my chance to see J, but as it turns out, I would miss it anyway, since someone stole his phone number, which happened to be in my coat. >:(

Sunday was the auction. I'll let jaylake relate this one. Keffy got a Stardust poster signed by Charles Vess, so we'll have the Wall o'Vess.

And then we came home. I'll leave you with the strange facts that Everett smells like very strange chocolate, Smokey Point smells like peanuts, and Burlington smells like fart.
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