Elizabeth Coleman (criada) wrote,
Elizabeth Coleman


This morning I went to take a shower. The faucets are those bubbly-cross types which add to the "I'm staying in an old hotel" ambience. I turn the hot-water faucet, and nothing happens. I turn the cold-water faucet, and nothing happens. Around and around they turn, and nothing happens. "Well, I won't take a shower," I think. How could a fancy plce like this have broken plumbing? Then, just for the hell of it, I turned the faucet the other way. And Lo! The water turned on.

Am I crazy? I'm thinking counter-clockwise, "lefty-loosey" is the default motion. But in this case, it was right.

In other news, I'm saddened that the clouds haven't lifted to give me more than a tantalizing glimpse of the Olympics out our tenth story window. :-(
Tags: convention

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