Elizabeth Coleman (criada) wrote,
Elizabeth Coleman

Norwescon Day 1

Oof. I wore down after like an hour. Possibly because I rushed down here just in time for my workshop where The Blood Rose was ripped apart. I think my favorite advice was from Leah Cutter, who said I should keep the omniscient parts of the narrative serious, and keep the snark for the characters. I suspect that's another ding against my failed attempts at voice. Everyone hated Bree and loved Ianto. Everyone pronounced Dann's name differently than me. (I say "Dan" they say "Don") Everyone loved the worldbuilding but wanted to know what Hell was doing open to earth. Basically, they confirmed worries I've had, and gave me ideas for new ways to go and what things to focus on.

It was awesome, but it drained me. Then we went to a panel, and then on to the small press party, which was of course loud and crowded. I barely knew a few of the people, Keffy had been to Rainforest two weeks ago with a bunch and was on embracing terms.

And yet again we come to me wishing I was better at making small talk and conversing with people I barely know in ways I don't feel embarrassed by. I kind of babbled to Caitlin Kittredge.

So now Keffy's still at the party, and Chelsea and I are in our room, happily being introverts together. She's crocheting, and I'm about to write.

Amendment, Keffy just walked in the door. :-)
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